Many great songs are written each year by artists and songwriting professionals.   Some of these songs get recorded (cut) by artists and released on albums (or as singles).   Very few of these released songs are ever heard frequently on radio channels.   

But what about all those other songs, many written with inspiring messages and melodies?  The answer is most die a silent death, never typically available to the majority of the public in any accessible way.   

‘Uncut Gems’ is a small effort to give the public access to great songs that have been declined by some people in Nashville who help decide which songs artists they represent will record.    

You get to decide for yourself if many of these ‘Uncut Gems’ songs might be even better than much of what you hear on the radio.   

The ongoing goal of ‘Uncut Gems’ is to release two or three albums each year, consisting of the same type of quality songs found on this first ‘Uncut Gems’ album.  Any Nashville professional will tell you that all musical success starts with a great song.  It’s our belief that it’s the ‘song’ that matters. Recording artists come and go, but songs can endure forever.  

Judge for yourself.  

Joe Purisky 

Joe spent many years as a self-employed business consultant before discovering a gift for writing song lyrics.  In the past 12 months, Joe has written over 900 sets of song lyrics.  Although not a musician, Joe has enough musical talent to also help with the creation of melodies for his lyrics by offering suggestions regarding tempo and overall musical structure.   

All 12 songs on the first ‘Uncut Gems’ album are songs written lyrically by Joe.   

Leland Grant 

Leland is a talented Nashville musician, vocalist, and songwriter.  He also owns and operates South Light Sound studio in Nashville, which is where all the ‘Uncut Gems’ songs were recorded.  Leland plays a significant role in the development of some of the melodies for these songs, and serves as producer for the songs which includes managing the role of the session players who record the instrumental melodies. 

Additionally, Leland is the sole male vocalist on the ‘Uncut Gems’ songs. 

Kaci Bolls  

Kaci is also a talented Nashville musician, vocalist, and songwriter.  She spent several years as a professional songwriter, as well as recording her own albums.  Kaci is a highly sought-after vocalist for songs written and produced in Nashville (demo’s), and many of her initial recordings have subsequently been recorded by well-known Nashville artists.  Kaci plays a significant role in the development of melodies for some of the ‘Uncut Gems’ songs.

Additionally, Kaci is the sole female vocalist on the ‘Uncut Gems’ songs.